Posh house project by Hilary White Interior

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Hilary White Interior

Designed and renovated by Hilary White, this Florida house was thought for a NFL star and his wife, culminating into the most superb and luxurious design possible, that will surely captivate anyone ́s attention. Hilary White Interior Design, by award winning principal designer, Hilary White, is a high-end, boutique design firm, that promises a multitude of design services. Hilary’s distinguished aesthetic has earned her praise and accolades from all over the world. “My creative process begins by listening to what my clients need functionally and what they desire aesthetically. A well-designed home brings peace, comfort, happiness and functionality to its inhabitants. This is always my goal and always will be.” -Hilary White

Rug’Society was an important part of this project, making a statement in the master bedroom and giving it a romantic and eclectic touch. The whole design is very glam and luxurious as requested by the clients, who wished for a more traditional look with eclectic accents, including lots of textured wallpaper accents and a darker sexier color palette throughout. Starting with the kitchen area, which benefits from the exterior lighting, the designer chose white as the main color, to give the space a much bigger feel, combined with small details of black and golden for an alluring and opulent environment.

This open space kitchen is side by side with the living room, encouraging casual interaction
between all angles. A black and white aesthetic played into the designs as well, being present all over
the house, and the idea for the master bedroom was to create a comfortable space within all the exquisite furnishings. The ceilings were over 15′ throughout the home, so Hilary White decided to paint them darker to visually bring them down a bit, so the spaces felt cozier and less daunting.

It is important to note that the designer responsible for the project believes that Couple Rug was not only the “perfect accent for this room given the eclectic vibe”, but also for bringing a romantic and magic feeling, in honor to the couple who own the house.

For the master bathroom, the same rules were followed, so the dramatic proportions evoked space as well as an easy flow, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day. All the colors of both spaces balance impressively and are in line with the Pantone choices for 2021, symbolizing the vivacity of the owners throughout the Illuminating yellow and their strength with the Ultimate Grey.

Finally, inside the master bedroom, there is a huge closet to explore, that will benefit from the exterior lighting and the golden details, despite the darker colors on the furniture. This partnership between Rug’Society and Hilary White Interior Design Firm made this renovation absolutely mesmerizing and unforgettable, turning the couple ́s dream home into a reality.

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