Coverings 2023 Best Booth Awards

Coverings 2023

Coverings 2023 gave an award for the best booth. The program recognized exceptional exhibitor booths across Coverings’ primary sponsors’ pavilions, Ceramics of Italy, Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and Tile of Spain. An esteemed panel of tile and stone industry judges selected three Best in Show booth displays to bestow the coveted awards and recognition. “The innovation and creativity our exhibitors display at Coverings never ceases to amaze us, and this year is no different,” said Jenn Heinold, president of Taffy Event Strategies, the show management company for Coverings. “We see breathtaking tile and stone inspiration not only through their talents in manufacturing products but also in the unique booth designs they create on the show floor. All exhibits this year are
worthy of recognition, however, Coverings is honoured to celebrate the three superlative tile and stone booth displays as the 2023 Best Booth Award winners.”

The Best in Show honour in the Ceramics of Italy pavilion was presented to EDIMAX ASTOR CERAMICHE (Booth 811), which showcased tile applications in various residential settings, giving rise to a host of tile design setting possibilities for specifiers. The booth’s swoon-worthy quarters included displays creatively crafted of porcelain ceramic tile in a variety of colours proper to nature. Iris Ceramica Group (Booth 2619) received Best in Show in TCNA’s pavilion for its collective booth design, showcasing Iris Ceramica Group’s various companies and brands.

The booth was designed with a circular center area to represent the relationship between humanity, the environment and the company’s long-standing commitment to quality and sustainability. The booth’s theme was inspired by the central and vital role of nature, symbolized by a tree at the centre of the exhibit space. The booth was designed with a spacious display that connected four corner sections or viewing areas, all filled with large, artful wall panels that exuded the beauty and luxury of tile.

The Best in Show booth award in the Tile of Spain Pavilion went to WOW Design (Booth 4855), where ceramic tile selections in a variety of patterns and combinations were featured throughout the numerous semi-oval alcoves of the exhibition space, stimulating the senses of booth visitors. Two of the noteworthy collections in the booth were the Abbey Stone collection with square- and rectangular-shaped porcelain tile options in a variety of sizes and colours, and the Aquarelle collection, consisting of smooth-contoured and rectangular product choices available in gloss finishes of many superb colours.

The creative concept of WOW Design’s award-winning booth contextualized the Mediterranean style through a space of ephemeral architecture designed to envelope booth visitors in an immersive atmosphere. The exhibit space was created from a “living” facade that reveals a space where light and matter sculpt the ceramic essence.

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