Stone and Tile Trends for 2022

Stone and Tile Trends for 2022

A sneak peek into the most important tile and stone trends for the year 2022, size, texture, color, we have it all sorted for you!

Natural Stone was one of the most popular trends of 2021 and it is going to stay this year too. Stone slabs are here to stay as a natural and timeless material that has been used for centuries. So here are the stone and tile trends that are going to lead in the year 2022.

Classic and Bold Marbles

Marble is elegant and timeless, exuding luxury and sophistication, making it a great option to use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home where design longevity is required. Also, Calacatta and Carrara marble never go out of style. These have all the characteristics of what many people consider classic marble – milky white backgrounds, thick grey veining, and luxe appeal.

Quartz Stone

While marble is a terrific natural stone, there are plenty of marble alternatives you can find. One popular option is engineered stone. Quartz is typically suitable for countertops, walls, and floors. It’s available in large formats, is durable and stain-resistant, and therefore easy to maintain.

Large Format + Terrazzo

Terrazzo will continue to be a hot favorite along with large format tiles, both of which are a must for 2022. The quirk of terrazzo in combination with the clean lines of large formats will create clutter-free yet stylish ideas that we all are in love with!

Colorful Tiles

Colors will rule! Colors provide an instant vibrancy, making a place more inviting, livable, joyful! Multi-shaded greens and dark blues will continue to trend into 2022. Both colors pair well with neutrals and ground more vibrant colors. Green and Blue shades evoke a sense of calm, making this a natural choice for people to be drawn to for their spaces. We also recommend a dash of Very Peri to add that extra spark, maybe a kitchen backsplash, an accent wall, or a unique runner, the options here are endless!

Texture and Dimensionality

Dimensional and textured tiles allow you to create attention-grabbing sturdiness with a touch of drama. This isn’t a brand new development, however with innovative printing and exciting digital prints that are being constantly launched, we see a lot of development and play in this sector. This will continue to stay on top of the charts as they come with multiple benefits – instant amplification of style, easy to maintain, and are also pocket-friendly.

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