5 ways to use Viva Magenta in your space 2023

Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta is bold and classy, we share five ways to optimize its application in your space! Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta is bold and perfect for that uniquely stylish and elegant style that is a top favourite for this year!

A dynamic red tone translates to zero restraint with an intensity that is an instant eye-catcher!

We share with you five ways to optimize its application in your space!

Contemporary yet Vintage

Viva Magenta is a beautiful, rich shade of red that is both warm and daring. It has a modern edge yet spells royal classiness. It looks beautiful with neutral and earthy tones from cognac leather to cane furniture. You can style your walls with this shade in moody paintings, or artwork or opt for velvety cushions and spreads.

Full of nostalgia and warmth, this colour will impart a touch of instant class to the space!

Pair the Magic

The colour is definitely very glossy and bossy, hence you can use it to accentuate your existing furniture, maybe a polished rich rosewood wood cabinet with interiors painted in viva magenta! That would be a stunner!

This colour has so much substance, it can exist really well on its own. It’s a very strong and saturated colour, it’s sophisticated, stylish and vibrant. It doesn’t need contrast to be seen and can be paired with its neighbours on the colour wheel-red, orange, purple, periwinkle blue. 

This colour will elevate the feel of a room bringing positive, powerful and passionate energy with a versatility that fits perfectly with art deco and modern maximalist styles while at the same bringing in the much-needed pop in minimalistic styles.

Accessorise with Viva

It is a great colour for accessories, such as lampshades and pillow trim. It goes with the crispness of white and lighter shades of blue and green. Magenta flowers in a white vase placed on a magenta-coloured table would be pretty. Magenta table linens and candles would add striking elements to a table setting.

Style the Textile

“Viva Magenta evokes a sense of playfulness, creativity and excitement when integrated into a room. This colour can be easily used in kid-friendly spaces (for example, as an accent colour in a child’s bedroom or playroom) or a creative workspace (for example, a home office or writing nook). 

Using this colour in textiles––such as pillows, bedding, window treatments, rugs or even shower curtains––is a great way to incorporate this bold and exhilarating pop of colour.

Spark Life and Enthusiasm

Paired with a light lemon green or a sunflower yellow, this will bring a room to life in an instant! Opposites attract and in this case they will ignite! We guarantee!

Depending on how you use Viva Magenta, it could really make any space come alive. It could work in a country home or a city home, it’s all about how it’s executed. It could be an accent chair at the end of a hallway in a neutral space or a beautiful handwoven velvet rug in a sleek high-rise.

It’s bold, so depending on how much is used and where it can feel like a splash of royalty or the fleeting kiss of a feather! Chose yours and enjoy this beautifully bold colour of the year!

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