8 Tips for a Budget Home Office

8 Tips for a Budget Home Office

Planning a budget home office and wondering how to go about it? Read on for some easy and practical tips to make your own personalized home office. Here are 8 Tips for a Budget Home Office.

Home offices are here to stay! As the world grapples with the pandemic and countries move from one stage of lockdown to another, depending on the severity of the situation, one thing is absolutely clear – we are all going to be working from home for some more time. Working from home necessitates a functional office where you can find the calm and quiet to focus on your tasks and remain productive.

For a large number of us, this is a first-time thing, we have always worked in offices and might feel a little lost while adjusting to this new dynamic and this might adversely affect both our mood and our productivity. But there are easy solutions to this problem and in this article, we will share quite a lot of them with you and help you navigate this ‘New Normal’ in ways that are easy on your budget at the same time.

Decide Your Aesthetic

This is the first and most important stage of your DIY home office planning! So, what’s your aesthetic and how does it matter? Personal aesthetic is your idea of beauty and design, in simple language; we can say it is what we like to see around us, in décor and design. So first thing is to decide how you would like your home office to look like, light and airy with pastels and plants, academic with a serious and somber feel or a peppy look with fun pictures, colours and maybe a squeeze ball thrown in! There are plenty of options to choose from. This could also depend on the kind of work you do, the nature of your work and the gadgets or equipments you require.

Creating A Mood Board

This is a very important stage and one that you should never skip over if you do not want to end up being unhappy over your home office planning and décor at a later stage. We as human beings are very fickle and change our mind often and hence it is important that you take a little time over this and create a mood board either by cutting pictures from magazines or take images from online platforms such as Pinterest and save them on your computer or phone. This will also help you to get more clarity about how you want your home office to look like!

Start Resourcing Materials

Now you have got a fair idea of what you want, so start resourcing! Look for brand sales/pre-loved/recycled and upcycled items. There are lots of brands that offer furniture that you can assemble and put together and the plus point is that they will perfect for a tight budget. Secondly spread the word around and ask if any of your friends or family have items that they no longer use, based on your needs you could find something that fits the bill perfectly!

Lastly, repurpose as much as you can, it’s cheap on the wallet and also good for the environment. Look for things at home, chairs lying unused, plant holders, coffee mugs can become stationery holders, old trunks lying around can become tables covered with a good table cloth and so and so forth! All you need is ingenuity!

The Essentials

Decide upon the essentials- the things that are absolutely essential for your work set up to function well. Take into consideration the things you require for your day to day work and then shop or create them accordingly. It would help here to start with a good list and then build it up from there!

The Desk

A desk, table, or platform is an essential item for a home office. There are many options here ranging from sophisticated multipurpose tables to the very basic laptop mini table. Our suggestion would be the Secretary Desk – economic, executive, super functional, and trendy, all rolled into one. It is modern and suits almost any room very easily. It is easy to maintain and becomes your best work buddy. You can work, store and the best part is that it takes minimum space. Some even come with locked drawers, definitely a big help for those important official papers if you have kids around!

The Chair

While choosing your chair, pay more attention to ergonomics and comfort than looks. You will be sitting on it for long hours and it will have a direct impact on your body and posture. Our suggestion is the Swivel Chair. They come at varying prices, are affordable and are a long time investment. Their adjustable seats will help you work at ease and there is a bonus too – who doesn’t love a fun spin!

Room Dividers

Not all of us have the privilege of allotting an entire room to our home office, so what do we do? The solution lies in a good room divider. Room dividers provide privacy, cut the noise from the other areas of the house, cut visual distractions and help you to focus. There are many stylish and affordable options available and you could choose based on your exact needs. We highly recommend a folding divider, as you will be able to stow it away when not in use and it will also be easy to clean and maintain.


The final element of your workspace – could be small potted plants, pictures of your family, pets or travels, candles, crystals, or anything that suits and matches your temperament. Just remember, don’t get it too cluttered, because that will hamper your productivity. The décor is your personal signature, so feel free to choose items that match and define your vibe.

Make your home office a place that you will enjoy spending time in, so that you are able to complete your work in peace and happiness.

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