In conversation with Anil K Beejawat

Anil K Beejawat

In conversation with CEO Anil K Beejawat, Simpolo. Simpolo has managed to innovate with the changing needs of the ceramic industry. From decorative roofing tiles to sober and attractive floor tiles; from luster wall concepts to handcrafted bowls, there is one thing in common: willingness to enhance lifestyles!

The brand has had a very long journey in the industry and stands atop its contemporaries like a shining star radiating its experience and sense of innovation to all. Simpolo has committed to bridge this gap through indigenous R&D and cooperation with international giants through licensing and joint ventures.

What, according to you, is the current scenario of the ceramic industry?

There is a severe mismatch in demand and supply currently. The wall tile segment has developed over capacity and therefore a kind of glut is seen. This resulted in a price war, which brought hundreds of units on the brink. As a result, the association had to intervene to declare a temporary shutdown till market comes to a sensible level. This would accompany a modest increase in prices to bring the units back to viability levels (The prices are still lower than 2014.) The industry is going through a sort of minor turmoil. Chinese dumping of vitrified tiles has caused the insurmountable injury. The government has finally cracked its whip. The anti-dumping duty may be slapped shortly to mitigate the problems of domestic manufacturers. The growth is marginal and profit has taken a severe beating.

 Tell us about your joint venture with Emil

We joined hands with Emil to bring world class manufacturing technology and products for Indian and international markets. While Emil brings Italian designing, technology and processes, Simpolo brings its low-cost and high-quality manufacturing capability to offer Italian class of products at affordable prices to the world.

 What will be your marketing strategy now?

Our strategy is to offer International quality and class of products and services in surface coverings at realistic prices to domestic as well as international markets. We will ‘Stay Ahead’.

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