Simple tips to cut tiles in desired shapes

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How to cut wall tiles

Unless you’re tiling a small area like a splash back which you can restrict to whole tiles only, you’ll need to cut your tiles to fit. You can choose from a whole range of hand and power tools to do this – some of which are easier to use than others. What you go for will depend on the size of the job and your budget.

How to use a tile scribe to cut a wall tile

A tile scribe is the simplest and cheapest tool you can use to make straight cuts through tiles. It has a hardened tip which cuts them cleanly.

Top tip – File your tiles

A tile file is ideal for smoothing down rough edges from a cut tile. Hold it square on to the edge to get the best results.

Step 1

Measure the gap you need to fill and add your measurements to the tile. Then use a steel rule and china graph pencil (or a felt-tip pen) to mark a cutting line across it. Take care that your rule doesn’t slip as you make your mark.


Step 2

Hold the rule firmly and score along the line with the tile scribe in one stroke, using enough pressure to cut right through the glaze. Then put a pencil beneath the scored line and press down each side. You should then be able to snap the tile cleanly in two.


How to make curved cut in wall tiles

There are lots of ways to make curved cuts in tiles but one of the simplest is to use a tile saw. This has a round blade, which helps you change direction easily.

Step 1

Take a piece of paper or card the same size as the tile and cut it to the shape you need. Then lay it over the tile and mark the shape on the face.

wall-tile-3          wall-tile-4

Step 2

Clamp your tile securely and cut along the line with a tile saw. Check the fit of the tile and make any adjustments with a tile file.


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