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Contemporary Interiors By Celia Sawyer

A Bold Project by the astonishing Celia Sawyer furnished by Covet House. If there’s an example of a powerful and successful businesswoman today, Celia Sawyer is definitely at the top. Creating and designing beautiful and luxurious designs, Celia designs are the best of the best.

In her search for inspiration, she found Covet House and all the brands under its name, the luxury furniture, upholstery, accessories and lighting from these brands were some of the perfect inspirations for a bold, strong, and empowered project.

Celia started her own small project 25 years ago, she went on to design residential properties in London, now in its 20th year designing luxury residential homes, superyachts, aviation, commercial properties and projects in the leisure industry worldwide. A member of the Society of British and International Interior Design she became an authority worldwide in the interior design community.

Celia Sawyer is so much more than an interior designer. Her passion and dedication are completely transcendent and visible in every design aesthetic, creating spirited environments and inspirational projects like this bold contemporary luxurious interior.


Set in the amazing view of Dubai’s landscapes, this apartment interior design is for a high caliber VIP. With extraordinaire use of black and golds, completely corresponding to the demands of what to expect from the characteristics opulent interior design aesthetic of Dubai.


The client’s brief was to create a very dramatic statement in the main reception area, with a slightly masculine feel, but with softened areas so that it didn’t look too hard and austere. Celia used a lot of gold accessories, and textures to soften things up, and with the entrance into the main reception, created lightboxes to show off the client’s crystal.

As the reception walls and floors were to be very dark, Celia used plenty of mirrors, created the screening around the piano area, to reflect the outside, and also strips of the mirror on the back wall of the room for interest.

“Lighting was very important and it really needed to ooze luxury and glamour, the chandeliers and wall lights were to be our “star” pieces…  works of art in themselves.  I also mirrored the ceiling above the piano area so that the chandelier would reflect into it creating pools of light and drama.”  – Celia Sawyer


Burj chandelier is inspired by one of the most stunning hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab. Like the hotel, this masterpiece is a symbol of modern age and luxury combined. It’s also a strong, decorative structure, customized for this project with silver-plated brass, and with just two layers of delicately handmade glass tubes.

The client wanted to see how Stephen Cawston’s work would sit in his home, as it is called “Shahin” and is an Arab gentleman on an Arabian horse, with a bird of prey on his arm, of course, covered in 24-carat gold. Stephen leaned the golden skeleton masterpiece for the project and for the shoot, and for the client to see it in situ.

In the center of the living area, right above is the lavish and grandiose Empire Chandelier. Its striking appearance is sure to make an eye-catching piece, make itself the starting of a conversation. Inspired by the stunning architecture of the Empire State Building, a masterpiece with an extravagant shape, transforming the living room into a stunning scenario, creating an exclusive atmosphere.


A bit more discrete, but still merging with the gold hues from all the living room and with a more down to earth exuberance, is the Crackle Side Table also from Luxxu.

Refined lines and with elegant geometric aesthetic, this side table provides a more sober look to a room filled with awing pieces.

No luxury interior could be fully completed without the finest handcrafted furniture from BOCA DO LOBO. Originating from one of the brand’s iconic design pieces, elevating the exceptional craftsmanship and design to a whole new level, with two individual modules, the lapiaz is finished in polished stainless steel, that portrays a perfect mirror, being in complete sync with what Celia envisioned for this area. Just like the golden fissures cracking through the polished steel, this sideboard completely cracks the environment just by itself, demanding its deserving attention.


Besides answering the client’s needs, Celia also put much of her own personality into this project.

Strength. Vivid. Emotional. The qualities are visible in this project but also in Celia herself. Noticeable in every little detail of the composition on the project, more than her taste we are able to get a taste of her own inspiring personality.

This is obviously true, by the choice of bold lighting pieces. From the same family of the Empire Chandelier, literally the spotlight of the living room is the smaller version of the impressive chandelier, the Empire Wall. Same exuberance, but in a smaller dose.


And completing the overall look of this area is the somewhat simple but still splendid Darian Gold Mirror. Just like the cherry on the top, this golden dream of a mirror is a unique luxury item that captures both functionality of a mirror and the splendor of an art piece.

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