Festive mood boards by SPAN FLOORS

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SPAN FLOORS brings new opportunities for art and creativity to your abode with MoodBoards in association with Coswick Design Lab.

SPAN FLOORS was established in 1995 with over 20 years of experience in wood floors alone, SPAN FLOORS has developed unique, specialized capabilities of providing high-quality wooden floorings and facades to its clients. All floorings, decks and facades are sourced from leading manufacturers around the globe.

Backed by years of industry experience and leading technology, SPAN FLOORS offer the finest high-end floors available in today’s marketplace. This festive season SPAN FLOORS brings new opportunities for art and creativity to your abode with MoodBoards in association with Coswick Design Lab. Span Floors’ Coswick MoodBoards has trendsetting combinations of colours and textures that are a perfect hint for your imminent interiors.

Every palate can be complemented by 2 to 3 design solutions, thus easing floor choice for the selected colour style and vice versa. With the launch of Coswick MoodBoards, Span Floors is bringing loads of intriguing matches of hardwood flooring with other materials, ideas of flooring patterns and formats combinations for their discerning clientele in India. Coswick Design Lab is not just a source of useful professional information but also a networking platform for experience exchange with real stories of designers, their projects, and much more.

Using the ready-made Coswick MoodBoards, the customers and designers can pick up a ready design theme for their new projects with suggestions of the exact colour of our floorings that go with it. Mr Satinder Chawla, Managing Director, SPAN FLOORS adds, “Play with the Palate’, is the spirit of our MoodBoards in association with Coswick Design Lab. The design lab provides a collection of mood boards that can inspire architects and designers. This makes the jobs of designers easier and enabling them to choose designs of other interior elements, furniture and decoration for your abode. MoodBoards will definitely help to discover some daring colour accents or even ready solutions for your projects.”

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