Diwali decor trends 2022

Diwali decor trends 2022

Diwali, the most awaited and loved is around the corner. A massive show of lights, colours, and decorations accompanies Diwali. Given that this festival stands for the triumph of good over evil, Diwali decorations emphasise optimism with lots of lights and vibrant decorations. Decorate
your home for Diwali with cheerful accents and traditional decor mixed with a modern touch. So this Diwali, decorate your home with these fresh and contemporary decorating ideas. Here are the Diwali decor trends 2022.

Wall-hanging candle holder

Candles are an indispensable part of decorating the home for Diwali. Floating candles and stunning candle stands are some of the most used Diwali decoration items. Lighting and arranging the candles will help create a picturesque setting that will make your house warm and inviting. For many Indian families, using floating candles is not just a Diwali decoration idea but also used for performing important Diwali rituals. While performing arti, you can also use brass-made candle stands.

Decorative tile centre table

Go for the stylish centre table that will enhance your living room’s look. Opt for a tiled or marble table top which will give a whole new vibe. Decorate with a lot of candles, diyas and flowers.

Indoor and outdoor garden decorative flame

Home outdoors has a special significance. Many Indian traditions revolve around decorating and performing various ceremonies at the home or pooja room entrance. The same applies to Diwali decorations. Decorate outdoors with diya refers. Add greens outdoors as well as indoors with
decorative lights.

Accent Wall

If you are not interested in painting the entire house, you can simply add an accent to the room by painting a single wall. In the living room, most people either prefer to paint the wall behind the television or sofa in a different and brighter shade. This task does not require you to invest weeks and
thousands into it. You can even do it yourself. Using DIY methods, you can create textures and instantly liven up any room.

Go for Metallic showpieces

Metallic showpieces have a rustic finish that adds a blend of elegance and traditional touch to an otherwise modern space. Moreover, there is no better time than Diwali to experiment with home decor. If you have old large metallic vessels at home, you can place them around the corners and edges of the hallway, living room, corridor and balconies. Fill them with water, and add flowers and petals and light diyas (earthen lamps) and candles in them.

Light up the living room

You can find many beautiful simple wall paintings and the best wallpaper for your walls to make your space look vibrant and welcoming for the Diwali celebration. Moreover, having antique wall clocks on your living room, dining area, or bedroom walls will also add a traditional yet modern look to your house.

Focus on lighting

Diwali decoration is incomplete without lights. There are so many varieties of light available in the market today. You can use them in each corner of your home. Also, how can you forget lighting diyas and when it comes to Diwali light decoration ideas for the home, easy and beautiful Diya decoration and lighting play a vital role. You can get different Diwali lights for lighting up the exterior and interior of your home. And diyas can be used as the most traditional way to decorate the space. You can also paint the diyas from the inside out to make them look prettier.

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