8 Tips to style corners for the festive season

8 Tips to style corners for the festive season

Quick easy tips to style the corners for the upcoming festive season!

A bare corner at home will make you feel something is missing! Empty corners at your home can be converted into the most useful and creative space with the right décor and accessories. Corners are the most versatile space. It can be a cozy space in your bedroom or private space or your favorite space which compliments your living room or other space at your home.

Creating stylish corners tends to make the entire space stand out. Corners are also practical as they let storage sink into them and also lend an artistic turn to any room. As the festive season is around the corner, you can make ways to create gorgeous corners for your home with these 8 tips, which will add glamour and will compliment your entire home. 

Light it up!

Festive décor is incomplete without sufficient lights. So make ways for lights in your home as much as you can. Add a floor lamp or a table light or any different décor lights to make your corner cozier. An ideal way of treating a corner is also to have hanging lights in the corner. The ideas are to basically enhance the verticality of the space. The pendant/hanging lights add to the articulation of the corner and can also make a cozy seating for two in an intimate environment.

DIY on point

Use creativity at your best. An empty space or corners will give you a wider space to add your creativity. You can create a DIY with recycled material or refurbish and add surprising elements in your room with small pieces of furniture. You can take a coat hook stand and place a simple bright cloth on them or simply make use of a colorful throw or some cushions and place a lamp lighting the statue and you have a great corner to add to the beauty of your home. 

Add greens

Corners are amazing because they are like art pieces in any room. A really nice way of decorating a corner is putting plants in the corner of your room, playing around with table heights, and therefore using the verticality of the corner. Plants bring freshness into the room while helping occupy space usually left empty.

Make way for ‘L’ shapes

L-shaped or modular-style sofas are useful in living areas, especially when there are awkward corners with which to contend. Most furniture stores selling modular sofas allow you to choose their orientation, and many sofas can be customized to fit your exact layout. These L-shaped furniture or sofa will make your corners more elegant and useful and will create more space in your home. 

A reading nook

Another lovely option that corners offer is to make a space inside a big space. So when you have a big living room, one can make a corner nook with perhaps a small coffee table, a bookcase, and a lounge chair with an ottoman and create a nice reading corner while the same can be used as normal seating when not in use as a personal space.

Add a statement piece

A sleek floor lamp is paired with a white leather chair to fill up the corner space and complement the midcentury modern vibes of the room. Another interesting way of creating magic with those corners is by hanging a hammock swing. It will not only help you make appropriate use of the space but will also add the style quotient to the décor of your room. Also, the traditional way of doing up the corners is installing wall shelves. These can be used to place books, decorative and other artefacts, and will instantly brighten up the corner.

Create a photo gallery

A walk through a memory lane is the best idea with the corner as you can always have a flashback with them whenever you feel low. Use the corner as your gallery by hanging your best pictures or art in different frame sizes. You can also use it as your family wall by placing images of your family tree. Add your family pictures on the corner walls and make it the most favorite corner of your home. 

Create a minibar

Adding a minibar with some special touches such as a Moroccan hanging lamp, tall stools, and a flat flower arrangement can create a beautiful space for those evening parties to gather around for your family and guests.

So go ahead, brighten those neglected corners and bring them to life for all your Diwali get-togethers and parties!

Image By: Courtesy Covet House

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