Our 10 Favourite Winter Decor Trends – 2022

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10 Favourite Winter Decor Trends – 2022

Winter is in the air and we are all longing for that extra touch of warmth and style, here are our 10 favourite winter décor trends for you to explore!

It’s that time of the year when the wind is cool and the evenings come much earlier, and we are officially in the winter season! A time of the year when we all long for that extra touch of warmth, style and vibrancy to beat the gloominess of the outside environment. The new décor trends for this season dress the house with colours and materials that connect us with nature and styles that make relaxation easy to access. But we are not going to let go of sophistication and glamour, so it’s going to be warm hues, varied styles and exciting materials, with the quintessential posh touch for Fall-Winter 2022!  

1. Orient Scape

Right now, what seems to be a top favourite is the japandi style, which combines Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism, putting the accent on the Zen side of interior decoration, but is super stylish. As spiritual as it is functional, it draws on the authenticity of the relation between objects and space, with nothing that is superfluous. It is visually clean and allows lots of natural lights with accents of green, perhaps as some plants to beautify the space. It is expansive and embodies freedom.

2. Sync Colours to Nature

Fall-Winter 2022 is going to be marked by shades inspired by nature. Greens of all kinds in their glory will ensure that our moods are peppy and fresh all the time! Along with this other nature-inspired colours such as terracotta, ecru, ocher or even linen grey will make for prominent splashes and spots of rejuvenation, relaxation and joy. Go ahead and splurge on these colours!

3. Multi Style Cannage

So what is cannage? Cannage is the French word for ‘lattice’. It refers to a technique of weaving plant fibers, especially ratan, so that they form a recognizable pattern, like small octagons. Dior has brought this trend back and big time, it is one of the best ways to incorporate texture without having to spend a fortune. It is said to be the hottest design trend and we are not going to be left behind, are we? You can incorporate it in a multitude of ways through different pieces and objects, it can be headboards, chairs, tables, consoles, or suspension lamps. And the best thing is that it adapts to almost all décor styles!

4. Gleam of Gold

What’s winter without a gleam of gold? Gold is an instantly transformative element for any décor and it really heightens the luxurious brooding mood of the season. Gold spells ‘art deco’ and is an extremely elegant and refined material. Use it through decorative elements, accents, chandeliers, or lights to give that extra sense of class and warmth to your space this fall-winter!

5. Indulge your Crafty Side

Art has always been an essential part of décor but in winter its use gets amplified because we do spend a lot of time indoors. In addition, there is a new found respect for craftsmanship and handmade products that have a bright future ahead. Among the handcrafted creations that can be part of current interior design, you could explore basketry items (baskets, trays and other textiles and braids in vegetable fibers), pottery (vases, ornaments and crockery) and ceramics.

6.  Slow Deco to Suit a Slow Life

Fall/Winter brings a certain slowness to nature – plants and animals go into hibernation and long rest. Evenings fall earlier and even we feel a craving towards a certain slowness in our days and actions. This is where slow deco fits perfectly in the scheme of things. So how does one do this? Very simple! Choose products and items that represent authenticity and are made responsibly, hold on to heirlooms, and recycle and upcycle the vintage that you already have!

7. Plants

 Plants are always in trend and we should never forget about them when it comes to freshening and sprucing our spaces for the new season. Plants make us feel freer, healthier and more alive.

8. Vegetable Fibers

Fibers add a beautiful and engaging textural element to our spaces, so do not hesitate and play with it! Choose cosy and fresh, add them to carpets, pots and sunlamps, ceilings! Your best choices are wicker, rattan or bamboo!

9. Styled Walls

Styled walls and accent walls are instant head-turners, they will liven up your winter parties and please you in your solitude. Experiment with colours, textures, combinations of materials, there is no limit to what you could achieve with them!

10. Curly Wool

Offbeat indeed! But we think it is a unique element that says winter warmth in capitals! It is cosy, a cocoon for the soul that we can sink in at the end of a tiring work day! You can use it all over your space in small touches like throw pillows or in large expressions such as blankets and carpets! All colours are welcome but our heart is set on white for its sheer elegance and lux look!

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