Top 10 Tile Trends 2022 for National Tile Day

Celebrating the beauty of tile on this National Tile Day which is celebrated every year on February 23. Here are the top 10 tile trends for 2022 announced by Coverings.

Coverings, the largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference in North America, announced the top ten tile trends for 2022 for the National Tile Day, which is celebrated on February 23, 2022. The trends also provide a sneak peek of the immersive tile displays at Coverings 2022, which is all set to take place in April 5-8, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tile trends are gathered and forecasted by the leading international tile associations and sponsors of Coverings, Ceramics of Italy/Confindustria Ceramica, Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association of Spain (ASCER)/Tile of Spain and Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

Alena Capra, owner of Alena Capra Designs, Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer, and Coverings spokesperson, along with a panel of tile industry insiders, will present this year’s new and unique tile trends from around the globe during the Coverings Connected online seminar “2022 Tile Trends,” Feb. 23, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST.

The following tile trends summary provides a sneak peek of the newest and trendiest styles that will be reviewed during the Feb. 23 Coverings Connected digital event and in-person at Coverings 2022, April 5-8, 2022, in Las Vegas.

Baroque Tile Trend

In the 17th century, the Baroque style dominated European art and architecture, defined by a sense of movement and grandeur. Similarly, these tiles are full of exuberance, particularly when produced on floor-to-ceiling porcelain slabs. Many tile manufacturers are producing dramatic marble looks with striking colors and heavy veining while others offer luxurious tiles with gold detailing and reflective surfaces.

Ceramics of Italy, Photo by- Emilceramica
Name of product: Tele di Marmo Onyx

Bas Relief Tile Trend

From rounded edges that simulate ancient stone to low relief that add depth and structure, manufacturers have invested heavily in new technologies this past year to create ceramic and porcelain tiles that break through the third dimension.

Ceramics of Italy, Photo by- Ceramica Fioranese
Name of product: FIO.Biscuit

Captivating Colors Tile Trend, with three palettes

“Celebrating Ceramics in Color” 

The industry is circling back to some intriguing classics from centuries past. These are ceramics that are not trying to mimic anything, instead honoring the rich and artisanal history of this material and industry such as weathered edges, classic glaze techniques and traditional patterns. This celebration of ceramic roots plays beautifully with preceding trends and is often seen in soft color tones like greens with twilight undertones, peachy- and chestnut-brown terracotta hues, creamy tans, sandy beiges, and even Santorini Blue.

Tile of Spain, Photo by- Peronda
Name of product: FS Tradition

“Earthy Jewel Tones”

Because of the pandemic quarantine, the world is ready to invite more natural colors into the home and onto the walls. Jewel tones that can be found in nature, including amber, brick, emerald, and aquamarine hues, are popular palettes for tile in 2022. Leafy greens and rich clay colors give us a grounded connection to the outdoors.

TCNA, Photo by- MILEstone
Name of product: Plaster 2.0


Dovetailing with a ubiquitous feeling of romanticism, ceramic manufacturers are incorporating pastel colors like sage, mint, rose, and sky blue to their collections, which add a soothing and organic effect to interiors. These hues also fit into larger color trends in the industry such as Colors of the Year.

Ceramics of Italy, Photo by- Gigacer
Name of pattern or color: Charleston

Crisp & Clean Tile Trend

During this new era of ceramic design, a more delicate approach will run parallel with artisanal textures and organic materials. Smooth compositions, hushed textures and minimalistic patterns will lend a sense of balance. The seeming dissonance in style serves to highlight and praise differences by showcasing unlikely pairings throughout designs and the harmony that can be found.

Tile of Spain, Photo by- Gayafores Name of product: Marmetta

Golden Arches Tile Trend

Curvaceous forms of arches and softly rounded rectangles that characterize art deco design find a niche in 2022’s design language. A nod to organic shapes while retaining the straight gridlines of a tile matrix, these curves bring a sense of whimsy and approachability to even the most austere and luxurious aesthetics.

Ceramics of Italy, Photo by- FAP Ceramiche
Name of the pattern or color-Archs Mix

Murals Tile Trend

With extra-large sizes and super-thin profiles, ceramic tile is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to wallpaper. Many manufacturers offer large portfolios of patterns to choose from, including large florals and historical patterns like toile, chinoiserie, and damask, showcasing the artistic capabilities of designers combined with the durable advantages of porcelain.

Tile of Spain, Photo by- Aparici 
Name of product: ArtDeco
Name of pattern or color: Black Spritz Natural

Plaster Looks Tile Trend

Thanks to the current trend toward nature and earthy elements, textured wall treatments are having a resurgence. Most notably, are the textural appearance and subtle color variations that replicate the artistic layering of plaster. Plaster looks bring an immediate warmth and richness to walls as well as an artisanal touch.

TCNA, Photo by- Atlas Concorde
Name of product: Boost Pearl

Polarized Marble Tile Trend

While white marbles still reign supreme, the fierce stone look of the past takes a back seat to the refined spectrum of the marbleized look. This new approach retains the organic variation of a veined stone with an overall aesthetic that is more homogenic with a symphony of texture, finish and effects.

Tile of Spain, Photo by- Museum
Name of product: Macchia Vecchia

Shapes Scaled Tile Trend

As last year brought oversized hexagons, 2022 brings various, other oversized shapes, such as triangles, diamonds and parallelograms, as well as their counterparts: pocket-sized hexagons and polygons. Configured in eye-catching patterns, these shapes of various scales offer a contemporary twist on a classic design element. They are the perfect complement to standard square and rectangular field tiles.

TCNA, Photo by- Iris US
Name of product: Frey Hexmark Mosaic

Warm Stones Tile Trend

Stone looks are a great way to add natural allure and texture to a space. With the general warming up of color palettes the past few years, it should only follow that stone looks are also heating up, color-wise.

TCNA, Photo by- Lamosa USA
Name of product: Raw Stone

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